Notre calendrier propose une vue d’ensemble des événements les plus importants – à l’échelle internationale – ayant trait à la question des successions d’artistes. For further up to date information on artists’ estates you can follow us on twitter and facebook.

Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA)

22 September 2018
Managing Artists’ Estates – Karl von Trott of the Institute for Artist’s Estates is lecturing about legacy building and challenges of contemporary artists and artists’ estates in the media painting, film and photography.
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Universität der Künste

21-23 June 2018
Art I work I estate. shape. care. preserve – Three-day training at UdK Berlin Career College primarily aimed at visual artists as well as collectors or their heirs with outstanding experts in the field.
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The Institute for Artists’ Estates

05-07 June 2018

The Berlin Workshop is a 3-day seminar for artists, designed to familiarise artists and their relatives with the topic of posthumous caretaking and the set up of a legacy tool.

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Managing the artist’s legacy: planning for the future

24-25 March 2018

The second course of the two-part series of the Royal Academy on managing an artist’s legacy. Leading experts in the fields of estate planning, financial management, and law will discuss best practice when designing and implementing a strategy to preserve, promote and enhance the value of an artist’s work

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British swiss chamber of commerce

25 January 2018

Loretta Würtenberger of the Institute for Artist’s Estates will give a lecture about the status and perspective of artist’s estates and ways to manage them in the 21st century.

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The Institute for Artists’ Estates

9-12 October 2017

The London Workshop is a 4-day seminar for artists’ estates and artist-endowed foundations, designed to help all those entrusted with an artist’s legacy to learn more about preserving, promoting and enhancing it.

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