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New German Center for Regional Estates

Germany’s Federal State Saarland has opened a research center for regional artists’ estates in Saarlouis. Major tasks of the new center is to digitalize artists’ works created in the state of Saarland and to select artists’ estates worth keeping.

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New Ruling: West Archive vs. West FDN

In the long-running legal battle over the estate of the artist Franz West, the Austrian Supreme Court has ruled that the transfer of assets from the Franz West Archive to the Franz West Foundation was unlawful. The court reached its verdict at the end of March and the written ruling took effect last week.

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Acceptance in Lieu: NPG gets work from Freud

A recently found self-portrait of the late British painter Lucian Freud has been handed to the nation to settle an inheritance tax bill. The unfinished portrait, thought to have been executed in the mid-1980s, will join other items in the Freud archive in the National Portrait Gallery, it was announced.

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German Association of Artists’ Estates will be established soon

As one of the distinguished guests at the symposium “Anlass – Nachlass – on dealing with artists’estates” at Schloss Neuburg ( Passau ), the chairman of the Federal Association of Visual Artists Werner Schaub had introduced an initiative that becomes reality this spring. The association establishes a special department ” Bundesverband Künstlernachlässe” in Berlin . The statutes are already in place, the association will soon be officially registered in Berlin, said Schaub to the PNP.

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‘Genetic fingerprints’ for paintings

IS THIS the end for fake art? British entrepreneurs have developed a DNA-like technology for works of art to make passing off forgeries much harder. A “genetic fingerprint” that can be attached to any picture to prove its maker’s identity has been developed over 18 months in a Cambridge lab.

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