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‘Basquiat’ Musical Planned

‘Basquiat’ Musical Planned by ‘Late Show’ Bandleader Jon Batiste. Production has full blessing of artist’s estate and will be able to use his paintings

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Ana Mendieta Estate Sues Amazon

The estate alleges that certain imagery in Luca Guadagnino’s film Suspiria constitutes copyright infringement, being directly derived from some of the artist’s works.

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Al Held Estate Goes to White Cube

White Cube is branching out. Venturing into the artist estates market for the first time, the British gallery announced its global representation of the late American painter Al Held, starting in January 2019.

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Will Robert Indiana’s legacy get stuck in a legal battle?

What will become of Robert Indiana’s legacy, and who will be in charge of preserving it? The answer might only come out of a closely-watched legal battle over the artist’s estate and his recent output, which started the day before Indiana’s death on 19 May, aged 89, and looks set to heat up this summer.

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Dalí foundation sues California museum

Monterey’s Dalí17, which displays the 500-work private collection of the Ukrainian-born real estate developer Dimitry Piterman, features the Surrealist’s face—complete with upturned moustache—on its logo

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